Godrej Nest Kandivali: Best 1, 2 & 3 BHK Apartments in Lokhandwala Township

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I welcome you to the blog on Godrej Nest Kandivali Project by Godrej Properties. The blog will focus on some important parameters for homebuyers like you to consider before going ahead with the purchase. The parameters are:

Sr. NoParameters
1Land Title
2Developer Track Record
3Location Analysis
4Configurations, Sizes of Homes, and Possession Date as per MahaRera
Table of Content

I think like a prospective homebuyer looking to invest your life savings into the project, the above parameters will be the most important ones for you to know and understand before calling the shot to buy. If you have any other suggestions that I should cover in my future blogs, please feel free to comment below. I will try to incorporate your suggestions into my blog.

Please make a note that Godrej Tranquil is already covered in my blog. I am providing you the Link here.

Godrej Nest External Elevation Artist Impression

Land Title of Godrej Nest Kandivali

Godrej Nest Kandivali is a part of a bigger land parcel that will be developed in Phases. Godrej Nest Kandivali is phase 2 of the Free Sale Component. Godrej Tranquil is phase 1 of the Free Sale Component.

The Land parcel is leasehold land. It belongs to Mhada. Mhada stands for Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority. The Project is developed under SRA Scheme i.e. Slum Rehabilitation Authority Scheme. Once the Project is ready with an Occupancy Certificate, and a Society is formed, the Society of Godrej Nest Apartment Owners Association will sign a lease deed with Mhada. The initial owner of the Land was the Government of Maharashtra which later got transferred to Mhada. Since, Slums had already encroached upon the land, hence the project got into SRA Scheme.

The approximate land area of Godrej Nest Kandivali is 5822.71 square meters i.e. 1.44acres.

I am sharing the Land Title Report of the Project. You can download it by clicking on the link below.

Once you go through the above land title report you will develop a better understanding of the project. In case if you face issues understanding the legal language used in the report, you always have the option of seeking a lawyer’s opinion. I personally recommend to each and everyone who is looking to buy a property in any part of the World, to seek a lawyer’s opinion before hitting the buy button.

Godrej Nest Kandivali Master Plan 1

About Godrej Properties Developer of Godrej Nest

Godrej Properties is the Real Estate Company of the Flagship Godrej Group. I have written a detailed review about Godrej Properties in my Blog on Godrej Tranquil Project. You can refer to that blog to know in detail about the Brand.

Few points about Godrej Properties that I would like to highlight are:

1. Presence in 10 Indian Cities namely Mumbai, NCR, Pune, Kolkata, Nagpur, Chennai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Mangalore, and Chandigarh.

2. They generally follow JDA Model which is an asset-light model to develop projects. JDA is a Joint Development Agreement with the Landowner that does not involve paying high costs of land upfront like in the case of buying land. Although Godrej Properties buys lands selectively.

3. One of the most reputed developers in India to have a presence in the Major cities of the Country.

4. They develop Commercial and Residential Real Estate Projects in India.

The list of completed residential projects of Godrej Properties are:

1. Godrej 17 – Bangalore

2. Godrej 24 – Pune

3. Godrej Alpine – Mangalore

4. Godrej Anandam – Nagpur

5. Godrej Bayview – Mumbai

6. Godrej Edenwoods – Mumbai

7. Godrej Elements – Pune

8. Godrej Frontier – Gurgaon

9. Godrej Glenelg – Mumbai

10. Godrej Hill – Mumbai

11. Godrej Horizon – Pune

12. Godrej Infinity – Pune

13. Godrej Pine – Mumbai

14. Godrej Platinum – Kolkata

15. Godrej Prakriti – Kolkata

16. Godrej Riverside – Mumbai

17. Godrej Serenity – Mumbai

18. Godrej Sherwood – Pune

19. Godrej Sky Garden – Mumbai

20. Godrej Waldorf – Mumbai

21. Godrej Woodsman Estate – Bangalore

22. Planet Godrej – Mumbai

The above are 22 completed Residential Developments of Godrej Properties.

Below are 7 completed Commercial Real Estate Developments of Godrej Properties:

1. Godrej One – Mumbai

2. Godrej Castlemaine – Pune

3. Godrej Coliseum – Mumbai

4. Godrej Eternia – Pune

5. Godrej Genesis – Kolkata

6. Godrej Millenium – Pune

7. Godrej Waterside – Kolkata

Godrej One
Godrej One

Godrej Nest Kandivali Location Analysis

Godrej Nest project is coming up at the fag end of Lokhandwala Township better known as Hanuman Nagar, Akurli Cross Road, Near Spring Grove Uno Society, Lokhandwala Township, Kandivali East, Mumbai: 400101. To put it in simple words, Godrej Nest is coming up at the end of the slum which begins from Akurli Road, Near Mahindra Yellow Gate, and concludes partially at Godrej Nest.

It is important to understand the distances from various important landmarks in the city from the project to give you a fair idea about traveling time in dynamic traffic conditions.

The table below will help you understand the same. I am not giving time to travel in minutes as minutes can convert into hours during peak time. I am giving the distances and based on your time of travel, you have the option of checking in Google Maps, to get the current time estimation.

Sr. NoLandmarkDistance in Kms
1Lokhandwala Foundation School950m
2Thakur Public School4.7kms
3Cambridge School3.8kms
4Oxford International School4.9kms
5Oberoi International School6.7kms
6Centrium Mall700m
7Growels 101 Mall2.7kms
8Oberoi Mall5.7kms
9DNA Multispeciality Hospital1.3kms
10Shree Sai Hospital4.2kms
11Alap Hospital3.3kms
12Sanjeevani Hospital5.7kms
13HDFC Bank550m
15ICICI Bank1km
16Kandivali Railway Station East3.7kms
17Borivali Railway Station East7kms
18Sanjay Gandhi National Park 6.1kms
19Upcoming Metro Station (Bandongri/Akurli)2.4kms
20Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport Terminal 2 Mumbai13.7kms
21Mumbai Domestic Airport12.4kms
22Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC)18.4kms
23Seepz Gate 110.9kms
24IIT Powai14.6kms
25NESCO IT Park7.2kms
Distances from Different Locations from Godrej Nest

Godrej Nest Kandivali Location Map

Godrej Nest Kandivali Location Map

Configurations, Sizes of Homes, and the Possession date of Godrej Nest Kandivali

This section will primarily focus on the size of your home. That is the size of the Living Room, Dining Area, Kitchen, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, and Balconies if any. It will also discuss what different configurations are available in the Project? What is the MahaRera Possession date of the Project? How many floors are there in the Project? How many Wings are there? How many apartments per floor? Unit Plan, Floor Plan of the Wings and Apartments?

All these important characteristics will be discussed step by step.

The MahaRera Number of Godrej Nest Kandivali Project is P51800022159.

You can also understand how to find the project details on MahaRera Website whose step-by-step procedure I have discussed in my Blog on How to Find Project Details on MahaRera Website?

Godrej Nest Kandivali comprises 4 Wings. Namely, Wing A, Wing B, Wing C, and Wing D. All the 4 Wings have the same MahaRera Number.

Since the Floor plan of Wing B and Wing C is yet to come, I will be discussing only Wing A and Wing D in the Project whose floor plans are readily available. Whenever the floor plans of Wing B and Wing C are available, I will update this blog post with the details.

Wing A and Wing B will comprise of Ground + 23 Floors (Including 8 levels of podium)

Wing C and Wing D will comprise of Ground + 39 Floors (Including 8 levels of podium)

The MahaRera possession date of Godrej Nest Kandivali is 30th June 2024.

Wing A – Godrej Nest Kandivali

Wing A has 4 apartments per floor. I am sharing the Wing A Typical Floor Plan below.

Wing A Typical Floor Plan Godrej Nest Kandivali

Godrej Nest Kandivali Wing A 1st Floor Plan

Godrej Nest Kandivali Wing A 2nd to 8th Floor Plan

Godrej Nest Kandivali E Deck 9th Floor Plan

Godrej Nest Kandivali Wing A Refuge Area Floor Plan

Going by the floor plan of Wing A above, Series No 1 and 2 are East Main Door Facing Apartments i.e. when you exit the apartment you are facing East Direction.

Series No 3 and 4 are West Main Door Facing Apartments i.e. when you exit the apartment you are facing West Direction.

Wing A has 3 lifts with a Staircase.

Configurations and Sizes of Homes below:

2BHK -> 606sqft Rera Carpet Area (Series No 1 and 2)

3BHK -> 860sqft Rera Carpet Area (Series No 3 and 4)

Wing A comprises of two 2BHK Apartments and two 3BHK Apartments.

2BHK -> 606sqft Rera Carpet Area (Series No 1 and 2)

NameArea in Sqft
Living Room1014.08140.80
Common Bedroom1010100
Common Toilet4.257.5832.22
Master Bedroom1011.83118.30
Master Toilet7.754.7536.81
2BHK Internal Dimensions Data

2BHK Unit Plan

Pie Chart 2BHK 606 sqft Rera Carpet Area

3BHK -> 860sqft Rera Carpet Area (Series No 3 and 4)

NameArea in Sqft
Living Room10.518.08189.84
Common Bedroom1010100
Common Toilet7.254.4232.05
Bedroom 21012120
Attached Toilet7.424.9236.51
Master Bedroom Entrance5.082.9214.83
Master Bedroom1013130
Master Toilet4.427.5833.50
3BHK Internal Dimensions Data

3BHK Unit Plan Godrej Nest Kandivali

Pie Chart 3BHK 860sqft Rera Carpet Area

Wing D – Godrej Nest Kandivali

Wing D comprises of 6 apartments per floor. I am sharing the typical floor plan of Wing D below.

Wing D Typical Floor Plan Godrej Nest Kandivali

Godrej Nest Kandivali Wing D 1st to 8th Floor Plan

Godrej Nest Kandivali Wing D E Deck 9th Floor Plan

Godrej Nest Kandivali Wing D Refuge Area Floor Plan

Godrej Nest Kandivali Wing D 36th Floor Refuge Area Floor Plan

Going by the above floor plan of Wing D, Series No 1 and 2 are West Main Door Facing Apartments i.e when we exit the apartment we are facing West Direction.

Series No 3 and 4 are South Main Door Facing Apartments i.e. when we exit the apartment we are facing South Direction.

Series No 5 and 6 are North East Main Door Facing Apartments i.e. when we exit the apartment we are facing North East Direction.

Wing D has 4 lifts, 1 fire lift, and 2 staircases.

Configurations and Sizes of Homes Below:

1BHK -> 428sqft Rera Carpet Area (Series No 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6)

2BHK -> 606sqft Rera Carpet Area (Series No 5) (Unit Plan same as shared in Wing A 2BHK)

Wing D comprises five 1BHK apartments and one 2BHK apartment.

1BHK -> 428sqft Rera Carpet Area (Series No 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6)

NameArea in Sqft
Common Toilet6.084.4226.87
Master Bedroom Entrance2.083.256.76
Master Bedroom1011110
Master Toilet7.584.4233.50
1BHK Internal Dimensions Data

1BHK Unit Plan Godrej Nest Kandivali

Pie Chart 1BHK 428sqft Rera Carpet Area

With the above unit plan, we come to the conclusion of the Configurations, Sizes of Homes, and Possession Date of Godrej Nest Kandivali Project. I hope this explanation of the project helps you to come to a decision regarding buying your dream. There is still floor plan analysis of Wing B and Wing C is left. As soon I receive the floor plan and unit plans, I will make sure to update them here.

Although as per MahaRera details of the Godrej Nest Project, I expect very minor variations in Sizes of Homes of 1BHK, 2BHK, and 3BHK. More or less expecting the unit plan of 1BHK, 2BHK, and 3BHK in Wing B and Wing C to be similar to the ones I have discussed here.

Now we will move to the final part of this blog i.e. Amenities.

Amenities in Godrej Nest Kandivali

Amenities play a vital role in providing you and your family quality living experience. Lets understand why Amenities are important.

You get up in the morning and want to go for a walk or jog. If your complex has a Jogging Track you don’t need to go out anywhere and start jogging or walking. It thus helps you save time, money and energy in traveling outside your area to find a garden with a walking track or a jogging track.

Your children would love to go to a garden to have fun while playing around. A Children’s Play Area would provide your children exactly the same thing. You don’t need to go outside your complex. It also provides an environment of safety for your children since they are not outside your complex.

Your parents would have got bored sitting at home all the while. Hence, they can go for a walk or a stroll within the complex. They also get to meet up with like-minded people in the complex. It thus helps them form a group. Such socializing is extremely important for senior citizens. It thus provides them an environment to not depend on you to take them out for a walk.

The only flip side is your maintenance costs will be higher compared to a normal standalone building without amenities. But if your family needs these facilities then you would have taken up a club membership which is worth in lakhs of rupees plus the hassle to travel to the club for you and your family.

A project which offers you an apartment with amenities is providing you a holistic living experience that cannot be compared with any standalone building.

So let’s see what all amenities is Godrej Nest Kandivali providing to its residents.

Sr. NoAmenity
1Plantation Island with Sculpture
2Botanical Garden
3Jogging Track
4Amphitheatre with Pergola
5Senior Citizen Area
6Outdoor Creche Area
7Kids’ Sculpture
8Kids’ Play Area
9Toddlers’ Play Area
10Toddlers’ Cycle Track
11Multipurpose Court/Basketball Court
12Putting Green for Kids
13Seating with Trellis
14Pool Deck
15Adults’ Pool
16Kids’ Pool
17Water Feature
18Water Columns
19Acupressure Path
20Outdoor Gym
21Outdoor Party Lawn
22Multipurpose Lawn
23Yoga/Zumba Studio
24Fitness Center
25Meditation Room
26Kids Activity Center
Amenities List

Godrej Nest Kandivali Master Plan with Amenities

Godrej Nest Kandivali Amenities

7 Tier Security Level at Godrej Nest Kandivali

Apart from the above Amenities in Godrej Nest Kandivali, it offers a 7 tier security system to its residents. This is not a common feature provided in projects by Developers. So lets understand what are these features and how it adds value to your overall living experience.

Sr. NoSecurity LevelFeatures
1Project LevelRFID Vehicular Access & 24*7 Guard Patrol
2Parking LevelCCTV monitoring & Relief Button
3Podium LevelCommon Security Control Room, 24*7 Guard Patrol,
CCTV monitoring & Relief Button
4Amenity LevelRFID Tracking/Monitoring at Swimming Pool,
Relief Button & CCTV Monitoring
5Tower LevelNumeric & Voice Control Access,
Guard Patrol in the Lobby of Each Wing
6Lobby/Floor LevelVideo Door Phone & Safety Double Door
7Apartment LevelGodrej Vault & Relief Button
Security Levels in Godrej Nest Kandivali

Godrej Nest Kandivali Security Levels

7 Tier Security Level at Godrej Nest Kandivali

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog. It would have provided you with the information that you are seeking for the project all in a single webpage.

If you find value in this blog, please share it with your friends, family, relatives, colleagues, and on social media.

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