18 Steps: How to Find Project Details on MahaRera Website?

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This blog title How to Find Project Details on MahaRera Website will provide the steps involved in getting all the project details listed with the Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority. Please do make a note that you should consider projects to purchase only those that are Registered with MahaRera.

Before you get into the transaction of homeownership with a developer, you are curious to understand each and every detail of the project which will give life to your dreams for the next couple of decades of your life.

Hence, to address the curiousness of yours, this blog post will provide you with a Step by Step Guide i.e. in total 18 steps on How to Find Real Estate Project Details on the Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority Website.

What is MahaRera?

MahaRera is the short form for Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority. The Government of India enacted the Real Estate Regulation and Development Act 2016 i.e. in short known as Rera Act 2016 under which the Government of Maharashtra formed the Maharastra Real Estate Regulatory Authority in the Year 2017 vide Notification No. 23 dated 8th March 2017 to Regulate and Promote Real Estate Sector in Maharashtra.

RERA was formed to provide a level playing field between the Sellers and Buyers in Real Estate Transactions. Generally in the Primary Market i.e. in Underconstruction Projects, the Seller is the Developer of the Project. Rera covers the Project till the time it receives an Occupancy Certificate.

It has defined certain terms and conditions which are a part of the Developer – Buyer Agreement for Sale. The Primary Motive of Rera is to assure that the project gets completed on time and HomeBuyers get possession of their Dream Homes. Getting timely possession is one of the key concerns for prospective homebuyers like you today.

Step by Step Guide on How to Find Project Details on MahaRera Website?

Step 1:

Visit the MahaRera Website i.e. maharera.mahaonline.gov.in

MahaRera Website Default Homepage

The Above screenshot indicates how the MahaRera Website Homepage will open up in your Browser on Desktop/Laptop. I have used Google Chrome Web Browser and it opens up in the Marathi Language which is the default regional language for the State of Maharashtra.

Step 2:

You have the option to change the Language from Marathi to English which the below screenshot will clearly indicate. Please follow the black color arrow mark (It’s used in most of the screenshots to highlight the important aspects). It points to the language change option which you can click to change to English from Marathi.

MahaRera Website Language Change Option

Step 3:

Post changing the language to English, take your cursor to Registration Tab in Purple Color. As soon as the cursor is scrolled over Registration Tab and clicked, it changes its color to Orange from Purple. The screenshot below will help you understand it better.

MahaRera Registration Tab

As soon as you take your cursor to Registration Tab and click it, it will give you the following options :

1. Registered Projects

2. Registered Real Estate Agents

3. Self-Regulatory Organization (SRO) – Promoter

4. Change of Promoter

5. Projects – Registrations Revoked or Ab initio void.

Step 4:

From the drop-down options, I mentioned above please take your cursor to Registered Projects. Again the color will change to Orange. The below screenshot will clearly indicate the same.

MahaRera Registered Projects Tab

Step 5:

Please click on Registered Projects which will highlight in Orange color once you take your cursor over it. Post clicking on Registered Projects, a small pop-up will appear whose screenshot I am sharing below.

MahaRera Registered Projects Pop Up

The Pop up says External Website that opens in a New Window. Please click ok.

Step 6:

Once you click on ok, a new tab opens up next to your existing tab. I am sharing the screenshot below for your easy reference.

MahaRera New Page After Pop Up in a New Tab

Step 7:

On this new page in a new tab, you will find 3 options in Select User Type as enlisted below :

1. Registered Projects

2. Registered Agents

3. Revoked Projects

*Please ignore all other options on the page at this stage.

Please click on the Registered Projects option as shown in the screenshot below.

Registered Projects Option Click

Step 8:

Once you click on the Registered Project option, you can search for the Projects using 3 options :

1. Project Name

2. Promoter Name

3. MahaRera Project/ Agent Registration Number

I am taking the example of the Oberoi Sky City Project in Mumbai whose MahaRera Number is P51800003582. To find the Rera Number of any project that you are concerned with, I would encourage you to do a Google Search.

For Eg: MahaRera or Rera Number of Oberoi Sky City. The search performed will surely give you the Rera Number of the Project you are interested in. You can also key in the Rera Number of the Project as shown in the screenshot below in the MahaRera Project/ Agent Registration Number option.

*Please note that you have additional options of View All Projects on Map and Advanced Search. I would recommend you to go ahead with the simple search options available in case you are aware of the Project Name or Promoter Name or at best you have the Rera Registration Number of the Project. In this blog post, we will stick to a simple search w.r.t. to Rera Number of the Project.

Step 9:

Please click on the search after keying in the MahaRera Registration Number of Oberoi Sky City Project in Borivali East as shown in the screenshot below.

Step 10:

After performing the search, you will get the result as shown below.

Oberoi Sky City MahaRera Search Result

You have got 5 options to choose from as below :

1. View Details -> Blue Link View Tab

2. View Application

3. View Certificate

4. View on Map

5. Directions

Step 11:

You can click on View Application and View Certificate. The details will open in Small View on the same page. You will have the option to download both the Application and the Certificate for your reference.

Oberoi Sky City MahaRera Application View

Oberoi Sky City MahaRera Application Download

Oberoi Sky City MahaRera Certificate View

Oberoi Sky City MahaRera Registration Certificate Download

Step 12:

For our interest, we will click on the View Details tab. This tab is of utmost interest to us as it will provide us with all the details w.r.t to the project in question i.e. in our case it’s Oberoi Sky City.

Step 13:

After clicking on the View Details Link, a new tab will open up with the entire project details of the Oberoi Sky City Project. The below screenshots will help you understand what all details are available on the MahaRera Website. Please keep scrolling down till the end of the page.

Oberoi Sky City MahaRera General Information

Oberoi Sky City Organisation Details on MahaRera

Step 14:

While scrolling down you will reach the Project Details section as shown below. It gives you an overall idea w.r.t the project in question. It provides clarity on the Possession Date i.e. Proposed and Revised.

The proposed date of Possession indicates when the project was initially conceived to be handed over and the revised date of possession indicates if the project completion or handing over timeline has been postponed or preponed.

It also gives you an idea of the total no. of Buildings expected to come up in the project. You can get an idea of what lies on the 4 sides of the plot other than the Pincode and the locality.

Oberoi Sky City Project Details on MahaRera

Step 15:

On further scrolling down, you will find many things like :

1. FSI i.e. Floor Space Index

2. Bank Details of the Project

3. Common Areas, Facilities, and Amenities

4. Development Work

5. Building Details i.e. Floors, Configuration, and Area of the Apartments

6. Project Professional Information i.e. Architects, Engineers, Contractors, and the list of Real Estate Agents with their MahaRera Registered Number which is clickable.

The below snapshots will help you identify them.

Oberoi Sky City FSI and Bank Details on MahaRera

Oberoi Sky City Common Areas, Facilities and Amenities on MahaRera

Oberoi Sky City Development Work or Project Progress Report on MahaRera

Oberoi Sky City Tower Details on MahaRera

Oberoi Sky City Project Professional Information on MahaRera Website

Step 16:

On scrolling down post-Project Professional Information on MahaRera Website, you will come across Litigation details w.r.t the Project in Question. This section will provide you with details of Litigation like:

1. Court where the case is pending

2. The Case Number

3. Type of Case

4. Whether Preventive/Injunction/Interim order is passed?

5. Petition Name

6. Other Petition Details

7. Case Year

8. Present status of the Case

9. Documents if any

In our example of Oberoi Sky City, I could find a couple of Litigations which I am sharing in the screenshot below.

*Please note if there are no litigations in the Project, it won’t show any.

Oberoi Sky City Litigation Details on MahaRera Website

Step 17:

Post finding the Litigation details on MahaRera Website, we come to a very important section i.e. The Documents Section which can be viewed and downloaded for your reference. I am enlisting the documents that can be viewed and downloaded by you :

1. Copy of the Legal Title Report

2. Details of Encumbrances

3. Copy of Layout Approval

4. Building Plan Approval (IOD refers to Intimation of Disapproval)

5. Commencement Certificate

6. Declaration in Form B

7. Proforma of the Allotment Letter and Agreement for Sale

8. Status of Formation of Legal Entity (Society/ Co-op etc)

9. Status of Conveyance

10. Others (This section will generally have the Occupancy Certificate Copy)

Oberoi Sky City Documents on MahaRera Website

Oberoi Sky City TItle Report View and Download on MahaRera Website

Step: 18

The last section on the MahaRera Website Project Details will show you complaints against the Project. These complaints are lodged with MahaRera by the existing buyers of the Project. You can view and download these complaints.

It will give you an idea of what kind of grievances existing buyers had and what was MahaRera’s decision on the same. Once you click on View Orders w.r.t a particular complaint, a new page will open up within the same window showing:

1. Order Type

2. Remarks

3. The Order is

4. Action with a Clickable Link as View

Once you click on View a new page will open up within the same window showing the Order Details which can be downloaded. The below screenshots will make it absolutely clear to you.

Oberoi Sky City Complaints View Orders on MahaRera Website

Oberoi Sky City Order View on MahaRera Website

Oberoi Sky City MahaRera Order Download

So finally, in this blog, we have tried to understand how to find the project details on MahaRera Website? I have tried my level best to explain to you the steps or procedure along with screenshots with an example to make it easier for you to do the initial analysis of a project in pursuit of your dream home.

I hope you found this blog of utmost value and it helps in making your home search process easier and simpler. Please do share the blog with your friends, family, relatives, colleagues, and on various social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, and a professional platform like LinkedIn.

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